With 13 years experience in Social Media Marketing, Mohammad knows how to get your business noticed on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In Instagram, YouTube and more. He also specialises n getting top rankings for your website on the most popular search engines.

Avinash (Based in India) has been working with us now for over two years. (He has more than 12 years experience in IT) There is nothing he does not know about Joomla.

While WordPress is the most popular platform for most people to build their website, it does carry many restrictions that Joomla can overcome.

Avinash has helped us on many occasions to implement on Joomla sites that were too restricted or in some cases not possible with WordPress.

Avinash also has experience of Progressive Web Apps. Often referred to as PWAs these will convert your existing website into an app for efficient use on a mobile phone. No need for Google store, these can be installed directly from the website.

Other areas of expertise include WordPress, Excel and Database issues.

If you need help from Avinash. Let us know.