We are a brand new business. But we bring years of expertise to the table.

We founded our first business back in 2015. With no experience (and little capital) we decided to market our idea using the free features of Facebook. We built our first website using automated systems at a cost of 3€ per month. To-day we have 160,000 members in our Facebook Group and our admin team answer around 350 questions every day. Our website has around two million users every year and is currently ranked within the top half million in the world.

We learnt from our mistakes.

Over time we had to increase our knowledge of the IT industry while at the same time managing our business. We quickly learned that the best way to do this was to bring in the experts to help.

But finding people who had the level of expertise we needed at a price we could afford was yet another hurdle. Yes, we got caught out a few times and lost money.

We learnt from our mistakes.

Now we know how to find the right person for the job. What to look for and what to avoid. We can see through the fake emails claiming expertise, and the false reviews, and find the people who know what they are doing at prices that are affordable. We know the people who can hit targets and hit them on budget.

If you need help with your IT. Tell us what you need. Tell us your budget, Tell us your Targets.

We will find the person you need for your project

We already made the mistakes.